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The core of NAMC's programs is to elevate each individual's propensity for high achievement and success. Our education and mentorship programs connect individuals to a network of people and resources that can help. We have mentorship opportunities at several different levels: Established executives to young professionals (Executive Round Table Program) Young professionals to college students (Graduate to Professional Advancement Program) Young professionals to high school students (College Admissions and Career Discovery Program).
The goal is to engage every demographic and create a cohesive community striving to help each other progress. Over 1,200 people have benefitted from NAMC's Education and Mentorship programs over the years. Additionally, NAMC has awarded several scholarships to high school and college students. Young Professionals speak to high school students about their professions, explaining the skills needed to be successful and emphasizing the importance of maximizing the high school experience.

The purpose of the Graduate to Professional Advancement Program (GPA) is to provide college students (especially juniors and seniors) with practical information that they can use to gain employment and be successful in their chosen careers. Other objectives include: providing an opportunity to college students to network with young professionals; facilitating workshops to assist students in resume writing and job interview skills; and providing one-on-one mentorship and coaching sessions.
High school students learn about the college admissions process (the application and essay), the financial aid process, and how to stand out of the pile. During the program, students hear first-hand from college students on the college experience. Representatives from colleges are also present to answer students’ questions about their specific school.
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