THE MISSION OF THE NIGERIAN-AMERICAN MULTICULTURAL COUNCIL (NAMC) is to strengthen, promote and support the Nigerian and American communities in Houston.
As a NAMC member, you will have access to the many perks and opportunities that NAMC has established through its collaborations with other prominent groups both locally and internationally.
To this end, NAMC hosts a number of programs throughout the year where members retain primary access to and information about upcoming events.

Membership is on an annual basis at $50 per adult.
Benefits Include:
-Exclusive ticket discounts (up to 30%) to NAMC’s springtime annual gala and other ticketed events

-Free pass to  Executive Round Table evenings ($30 value)

-Exclusive year-round offers from affiliates and partners (including partnered occasions and events promoted through NAMC)

- Leadership skills building opportunities 

NAMC membership is open to all.
To see more please check out our membership events page .

NAMC Membership

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