NAMC House

According to the City of Houston Migration Policy Institute, people of Nigerian heritage represent ~2% of Houston population and 0.6 % in the United States. Estimates are 378,000 first and second generation Nigerian immigrants in United States with 37% with undergraduate degrees and 29% with post-graduate degrees. Houston has the highest concentration of Nigerians in the United States with estimates ranging from 100,000 to 150,000.

Please mail checks payable to NAMC to:
8226 Furlong Lane, Houston TX 77071

NAMC is limited from fulfilling its mission by a lack of space. The non-availability of a dedicated facility has prevented NAMC from expanding its programs to bring Nigerians together and creating the right environment to foster unity. Dedicated space will facilitate scheduled educational and cultural programs.

The NAMC House is envisaged to become a home away from home.
A cultural center that builds unity among

- Nigerians in Houston
- Nigerians in the Diaspora
- Africans throughout the world
- The greater Houston Community

Building specifications
Land : 3 acres
Building: 15,00 Sq Ft

Floor Plan
ONE NATION LOBBY - Welcoming visitors and commemorating NAMC’s donors and Nigerian culture and history
- MULTIPURPOSE HALL - Available for use by community
- CLASSROOMS - For community programs like language classes and computer training
- CONFERENCE ROOMS - Available for use by community
- OFFICES - Command central for community organizations
- LIBRARY/MUSEUM - Will highlight notable Nigerians and Nigerian-Americans and feature Nigerian artistic and literary works

Outside Grounds
- Play area for community children
- OUTDOOR SPORTS FACILITY -Soccer field and multipurpose outdoor space with volleyball/basketball court.

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A $3M capital campaign fund was launched in 2015.