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THE MISSION OF THE NIGERIAN-AMERICAN MULTICULTURAL COUNCIL (NAMC) is to strengthen, promote and support the Nigerian and American communities in Houston through education, mentorship and interactions of professionals, young adults, youth and families by the encouragement and creation of entrepreneurship, employment, exchange programs, arts and cultural activities, and other opportunities both in America and Nigeria.

To this end, NAMC hosts a number of programs throughout the year. Your organization’s support is invaluable towards helping NAMC to execute these programs and fulfill its mission.

sustaining partnerships

NAMC seeks to fulfill its mission through cultural enrichment, mentorship programs, community development events, and professional development events. We also have special events that we use to advocate NAMC’s mission and vision.

NAMC’s model is to partner with existing organizations where possible and leverage the combined forces. If you know of an organization currently working in one of our core areas please contact NAMC and NAMC will seek to co-program where possible.


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