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“I value the opportunity to give back – to my own people no less – but find it hard to make time and arrangements. NAMC has made volunteering easy for me. It has been a pleasure watching the organization grow and have more impact.”

— Albert Okagbue

“Thanks to NAMC for the efforts for bringing “Daughters of the Moon” to Houston / 5th Ward area. I enjoy working with and talking with NAMC folks whenever I can.  I was also able to meet several other people from the community – TSU and KEW.  The cast and crew put in a lot of intense and heavy time, energy and creativity.  The artistry was great. I am looking forward to the next events.   Always, I enjoy NAMC interactions.  Much work is ahead.”


“NAMC gives me the opportunity to give back to my community while also building a stronger connection to and awareness of my Nigerian culture.”

— Nicole Ogunleye